Here at Little Apple Pilates, we believe working out should enable you to feel amazing, thereby look amazing too. Learn how to move your body in the most efficient way.  If you have tight muscles, we foam roll.  We do active release instead of passive.  Feel confident with your core, feel like you are making progress with your hamstrings and feel safe practicing in a safe low light room. Our motto is to tighten the things that are loose, and loosen the things that are tight. 


So, what is Pilates? Joseph Pilates believed that physical and mental health went hand in hand, which is why the Pilates method is both a physical and mental workout. His method focuses on correct alignment, control, breathing, flowing movement, and concentration. His precise movements focus on technique and control over repetition. Pilates believed that the core was the “powerhouse” of the body; thus, there is a focus on the core in every Pilates class. The core encompasses everything from your Transverse Abdominus to your back muscles to your Pelvic Floor.

Pilates classes also build overall body strength, flexibility, and create lean muscle tone. The emphasis is on lengthening the body versus bulking and shortening the body. Through practicing Pilates you can expect overall slimming, increased flexibility, and improved mobility. You may also find that you become more in tune with your body. In terms of mental benefits, you may feel less stressed and more focused. Due to its low-impact nature, Pilates is for everyone across all walks of life. In addition, you can modify exercises to suit your practice. Because of this, it’s difficult to plateau in your practice. Pilates will change the way you think, move, and carry yourself.


We use foam rollers, magic circles, Pilates mats and lay down the majority of the class!  All stages and ages welcome.  It is our greatest pleasure to teach you what we love, Pilates. 

Pilates Mat Class

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